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Select Court Cases about the ADA and Courthouse Access

Crawford v. Hinds County

Tennessee v. Lane

Other Issues Mentioned in the Episode

Lawsuits filed by Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Mississippi Statistics on Health and Disability

Accessible Courthouse Planning and Design

ADA Accessibility Guidelines

Archived Webinars from the ADA National Network

Each webinar includes an audio file and session handout materials.

Other Federal Guidance

Reports and Research on Court Accessibility

Learn More about Our Court System and the ADA

  • Disability Rights Law Glossary and Acronyms
    Use this online tool to look up the meaning of words and acronyms related to technology, disability, and the law. Some words from this episode are: plaintiff, program access, standing, summary judgement, injunctive relief (see: injunction), appeal, consent decree, settlement agreement.
    Source: Southeast ADA Center
  • Federal Court Concepts
    This training module is designed to introduce high school and college students to the American federal court system. It contains basic information about the structure of the federal courts, what kind of cases that federal courts hear, and how to use federal court decisions in research.
    Source: Southeast ADA Center
  • ADA Tile II Tutorial
    This web course helps people working in state and local governments understand and comply with their responsibilities under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
    Source: Southeast ADA Center, ADA National Network

News Articles about Courthouse Accessibility